❗ Session by Industry Experts on “Industry Use Cases with Demonstration of Kubernetes” ❗

Jatin Lodhi
2 min readMar 9, 2021

Hello Guys ,

Yesterday [8th-March-2021] we had an fantastic session on Industry use cases which will give some info or approach , How Kubernetes/OpenShift work in Technological world . This is one of the best live session I had with
@LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd
ARTH — The School OF Technologies process.

First I will give you some info about the best experts of the industry in Openshift world.

The Speakers for the yesterday are -

The First One is :-

”Mr. Neeraj Bhatt” (Senior Technical Engineer- OpenShift, Redhat )

▪️”Neeraj is working in Redhat from more than 4 years now”

➡️ And The Second One is :-

”Mr. Vijit Kuntal” (Consultant, Infosys Belgium)

▪️Vijit is an experienced Senior System Engineer extremely skilled in DevOps, Jenkins.

➡️ And the Third one is-

”Rushil Sharma” ( Customer Engineer Hybrid Cloud, Google)

▪️He has Experience in driving Financial institutions to optimise the Kubernetes workloads to leverage the optimum resources available without over committing the hardware.He has also worked at RedHat and contributed on Openshift 4.


👉 What is CVS?

👉 Why is Git preffered over CVS?

👉 What is the need of different environments in Production?

👉 What is Global Traffic Manger?

👉 What is Chaos Testing?

👉 What are CPU Requests, CPU Limits, CPU Leaks?

👉 What is Re-Purpose?

👉 What is SCC?

👉 What are Linux Namespaces?

👉 What is the use of Grafana?


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