Industry Use Cases for Kubernetes / Openshift from Experts.

Hello Guys , yesterday [1st-March-2021] we had an fantastic session on Industry use cases which will give some info or approach , How Kubernetes/OpenShift work in Technological world . This is one of the best live session I had with
LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd
ARTH — The School OF Technologies process.

First I will give you some info about two of the best experts of the industry.

Let us introduce you all with today’s speakers for the session, they both are Redhat experts :-

➡️ The First One is :-

“Mr. Amel Mathai” (Technical Delivery Manager, Redhat Training )

▪Amel is world’s First Ansible certified professional and also working in Redhat from more than 12 years now.”

➡️ And The Second One is :-

“Mr. Daleep Bais” (Senior Technical Instructor, RedHat Technologies)

▪️Daleep’s consulting experience is primarily on Redhat’s PaaS and storage services. And daleep has an impeccable record of being a Redhat Certified Engineer to Redhat’s clients across Asia Pacific


👉 What are the benefits and challenges of K8?
👉 What are a Container and mention the problems associated with it?
👉 Difference between Virtual Machine and Containers.
👉 How docker represents as a Service Platform?
👉 What are Openshift and mention its features?
👉 How application platform changes?
👉 What is the platform as a service?
👉 What is S2I?
👉 What is Service Mesh?
👉 What is Podman?
👉 WebApp deploy demo by Openshift?

summary of experts session :-

I would like to thanks “ Vimal Daga” sir , “Preeti” Mam, “Abid Matoo” sir , “Mr. Amel Mathai”, “Mr. Daleep Bais” LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd for conduct such a awesome sessions .



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