Expert Session on Cloud, DevOps and OpenSource

Jatin Lodhi
2 min readJun 16, 2021

Hello Guys ,

On 24-May-2021 & 11-June-2021 we had an fantastic session on Cloud and Opensource which will give some info or approach , How Kubernetes/Terraform & Cloud /DevOos work in Technological world . This is one of the best live session I had with
@LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd
ARTH — The School OF Technologies process.


🖋 What is open source?
🖋 Benefits of contributing in open source community?
🖋 How to contribute in open source community?
🖋 What is Gitlab?
🖋 How to use Gitlab and sync it with your github account(demo)?
🖋 What is orchestration?
🖋 What is kubernetes?
🖋 How kubernetes works?
🖋 Architecture of kubernetes?
🖋 What is terraform?
🖋 What is IAAC?
🖋 How to write terraform code?
🖋How to manage and make dynamic code in terraform?
🖋 What is AWS Cloud Support?
🖋 Why it is necessary to know the right concepts of DSA?
🖋 How to troubleshoot an instance regarding SSH connectivity?
🖋 How to prepare for Troubleshooting Interview Round?
🖋 How Opensource community plays an important role in career?
🖋 What is Argo CI/CD?
🖋 How we can connect Argo CI/CD with Kubernetes Cluster?
🖋 What is GitOps?
🖋 Where Kubelet program is located in Kubernetes cluster?
🖋 How to manage and make dynamic code in terraform?


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