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Now days Your IT environment is much more than just a collection of servers and configurations. Ansible was designed and built to ensure that everyone in your IT organization can start automating their tasks in ways that were just not possible before.

Now We believe that in order to be effective, everyone in the IT organization needs to play a part in automating their view of the environment. The benefits are clear: by automating the repetition out of their daily lives, IT team members are able to focus on more interesting value-added tasks.

So , Guys here I come up with some industries use cases

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1) Ansible and Google Native Integration

The Ansible/GCP integration gives you everything you need to manage your IT infrastructure. From provisioning instances and autoscaling, custom networks and load balancing, and even managing DNS and cloud storage, it’s all provided.Use the Ansible/GCP tutorial and examples in your Playbooks.

How Ansible Help GCP

  • Use Ansible to launch instances in any GCP Zone, configure networking setups to accurately simulate real-world scenarios
  • Deploy your code how you want: private disk images, startup scripts pointing to your own package repository and more — all within your native Ansible Playbooks
  • Tear-down instances when you’re done: right after a test or after a review with the team and even keep a snapshot of the disk

2) JUNIPER takes help from ANSIBLE

Juniper Networks is an industry leader in network innovation. Juniper creates innovative technologies that help customers connect their ideas, compete and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Integrated Solution

The combination of Ansible and Juniper’s automation and orchestration tools bring together the knowledge and expertise of experienced IT solutions developers, operators, and administrators across organizations.

The joint solution addresses the most common applications of automation and orchestration in the management and provisioning of IT resources, including:

  • Configuration automation
  • Test-driven networking
  • Continuous compliance

“ Ansible Tower allows us to easily streamline the delivery of applications and services to both OpenStack and Amazon Clouds in a cost effective, simple, and secure manner. “

3) Automating NetApp with Ansible

As enterprises make the move to adopt sophisticated next-generation data center technologies, time to market through the automation of IT tasks has become an essential element.

To enable this adoption around storage technologies, Ansible and NetApp have partnered to develop a collection of automation and storage configuration management modules to easily provision, deploy and manage NetApp ONTAP, Element and E-Series storage platforms.

NetApp is a Red Hat Certified Support Module Vendor.

  • Aggregates
  • Asynchronous Mirroring
  • Checking Connections
  • Disk Pools
  • Hosts and Host Groups (Clusters)
  • License Management
  • LUN Mapping
  • QTrees
  • Snapshot Scheduler
  • Standard Volumes and Flex Vols
  • SVM
  • Thin Volumes
  • Users, User Roles and Accounts
  • Volume Access Groups
  • Volume Snapshots

Solution Benefits

  • With Ansible customers can automate NetApp solutions to deliver flexible, scalable and highly reliable storage deployment and management solutions for NetApp ONTAP, Element and E-Series storage systems
  • Roll storage-infrastructure configurations into your CI/CD processes and application configurations for maximum agility with over 60 Ansible modules for NetApp.
  • Ansible seamlessly unites workflow orchestration with configuration management, provisioning and application deployment in one easy-to-use and deploy platform
  • Ansible and NetApp enable a lower cost of ownership and ease of setup by reducing the time to deploy and manage your storage
  • As the only storage vendor to deliver Red Hat Certified Support Modules, a partnership with NetApp ensures targeted, quality storage automation modules
  • NetApp supported SDKs for ONTAP, Element and E-Series offer

4) Ansible meet IBM z/OS

It’s no mystery that automation is the heartbeat of a successful platform, and it’s no different for IBM z/OS. AnsibleⓇ allows you to automate z/OS applications and IT infrastructure as part of your enterprise automation strategy using a proven and consistent approach. Wherever you are on your hybrid cloud journey, this is essential.

The Red HatⓇ Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z helps you connect IBM Z to your wider enterprise automation strategy through the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform ecosystem. IBM Z Ansible content helps enable development and operations automation through unified workflow orchestration with configuration management, provisioning, and application deployment in one, easy-to-use platform. This is an important step to bringing a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution for building and operating IT automation at scale.

A core value of Ansible is that it is the glue that can work with just about everything. Integrate with what you have or build new playbooks with certified, open source content to create something new. Use your existing JCL, REXX, and z/OSMF assets or anything else using Ansible as the driver to automate z/OS and z/OS-based software. The choice is yours.

  • Enable a common approach to hybrid applications and infrastructure management
  • Integrate z/OS into an enterprise automation strategy in a consistent way

  • Enable transparent visibility of z/OS automation when orchestrated by Ansible, which can help to break down silos between IT teams
  • Use best practices to manage automation in source control to move towards infrastructure as code

  • Use Ansible and Python skills, which are readily available in the marketplace and can be applied to z/OS
  • Use modules to codify key maintenance and operational tasks for z/OS software so that you can focus on what you’re trying to accomplish




I am an IT Enthusiast, who is passionate about exploring/learn all the latest technologies from research perspective.

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Jatin Lodhi

Jatin Lodhi

I am an IT Enthusiast, who is passionate about exploring/learn all the latest technologies from research perspective.

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